Slumdog Millionaire  - Interview by Larry "Lawrence" Jordan      NEW


Three Tools for Tapeless Video Media Backup/Editing -   David A. Saraceno

Log and Capture Workflow  - by Seth Kenlon & Arayna Thomas

Multicam Sync in Final Cut Pro  - by Jon Hiseman

Faking It : Making 4:3 footage work in 16:9 projects  - by Jude Cotter

Flash Cutting with the Blink Filter (Movie)  - by Steve Martin

Using Replace Edit in Final Cut  - by Andrew Balis

The Essentials of Multicam Editing in Final Cut Pro  - by Steve Martin

Do It In The Viewer in Final Cut 5  - by Andrew Balis

Keyframes? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Keyframes!  - by Jude Cotter

Getting the Most Out of Match Frame  - by Andrew Balis

The Browser: The Organizing Brain of FCP    - Kevin 'Telly' Monahan

Keys to Speed - FCP Keyboard Shortcuts   - Loren S. Miller

Using the Trim Edit Window in FCP   - Damon Abacherli

Tips for Successful On-lining  - by Larry Jordan

The Versatile Slug in FCP - Practical Tips Using the Slug Generator  - by Andrew Balis

Using The Option Key In FCP 4 - Ultimate Shortcuts  - by Andrew Balis

Targeting and Auto-Select in FCP 4  - by Andrew Balis

Editing with Transitions in Final Cut Pro    - Ken Stone

Cutting To The Beat with FCP   - Kevin 'Telly' Monahan

Trimming With The Range Selection Tool In FCP 4  - by Andrew Balis

Meet the Family: FCP 4's Clip Types  - by Lisa Brenneis

Media Management in Final Cut Pro 4  - by Andrew Balis

A Deeper Look into the FCP Tool Palette   - Ralph Fairweather

Getting to Know Split Edits with FCP   - Kevin Monahan

'I said TRIM, dang it!' Media Manager in FCP 4  - by Charles Roberts

Time Remap - Final Cut Pro 4  - by Ken Stone

From Offline To Online - Working With Offline RT In Final Cut Pro  - by Andrew Balis

The Range Check Tool in Final Cut Pro 3   - by Ken Stone

Line your own Nest: Basics of Nesting in Final Cut Pro   - by Charles Roberts

PAL Editing And TV System Conversion in FCP: PAL to NTSC and Back Again  - by Ben Bryant

Laying Off To Tape in Final Cut Pro   - by Ken Stone

Basic Capture Techniques for DV   - Gretta Wing Miller

How to Make that First Cut.  - Gretta Wing Miller



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