The 'Top Gear' Effect  - by Jude Cotter      NEW

Motion 3 - Photoshop Prep for 3D Animation (Movie)  - by Mark Spencer      NEW

Creating that Cartoon Effect  - by Steve Douglas

The Blank Canvas Building an Animated Bumper  - by Jude Cotter

Final Cut Pro - In the Spotlight (Movie)   - by Steve Martin

Cops Revisited - Motion Tutorial (Movie)   - by Steve Martin

Cops Redux Using Final Cut Pro  - by Ken Stone

Colour My World: Repairing and styling colour, featuring 'The Grading Sweet.'  - by Jude Cotter

Final Cut Pro - Animated Text Highlight (Movie)   - by Steve Martin

Too Darn Hot - Fixing exposure problems in FCP  - by Ben Bryant

Mapping Effects To Key Commands In Final Cut  - by Andrew Balis

Speed Changes using Match Frame (Movie) - by Estelle McGechie for Ripple Training

Using Match Hue in FCP 5  - by Andrew Balis

Speed changes, Motion, and Final Cut Studio   - by Mark Spencer

Understanding Real-Time And Rendering In FCP 4  - by Andrew Balis

How To Create the 'Pleasantville' Effect in Final Cut Pro   - by Darrin Sayewich

Grad Filter Effects  - by Andrew Balis

It's Alive! How to Make Cut-Out Animations in FCP.  - by Jude Cotter

The Sliding Filter Trick   - Andrew Balis

Chroma Keying in Final Cut Pro HD  - by Kevin Monahan

Anchor Point Effects In FCP  - by Andrew Balis

Great Titles with the DV Codec   - by Philip Hodgetts

The New Chroma Key Filter for FCP 3   - by Charles Roberts

Keyframing in Final Cut Pro  - Ken Stone

Understanding 16:9 in Final Cut Pro  - by Kevin Monahan

Motion Paths and the Bezier Handle in FCP    - Ken Stone

Color Correction/Finishing in FCP 4  - by Andrew Balis

Using Composite Mode in FCP    - Ken Stone

Travel Mattes Alpha and Luma and the Alpha Channel    - Ken Stone

Mattes and Masks in Final Cut Pro    - Ken Stone

Compositing in FCP: A basic guide to building a 'virtual set'    - Phil Ashby

Picture in Picture, Animation, and Split Screen   - Ken Stone

Creating a "Chalkboard Animation" look with your video!   - by Shawn Dunn

How to do a Pan and Scan in FCP    - Ken Stone

The "Queer Eye" Effect   - by Jude Cotter

QuickView - Final Cut Pro 3  - by Ken Stone

How to Create a 3D logo "Bug."  - by Philip Hodgetts

How to Create a Custom Transition in Final Cut Pro with BCC  - by Darrin Sayewich

Graffiti 2 - Cube Spin  - Ken Stone

Chroma Key Basics for DV Guerrillas - Part 1.  Charles Roberts

Chroma Key Basics for DV Guerrillas - Part 2.  Charles Roberts

Back to Basics - How the Create a Motion Path   - by Darrin Sayewich

Color Correction/Finishing in FCP 3  - by Andrew Balis

ColorTheory and ColorTheory DV   Application for generating color schemes - Charles Roberts


      Filters and Generators

The New Boris Calligraphy Titling Tools in Final Cut Pro 5  - by Andrew Balis

Glow Video, Glow   - Creating Boris Glow Effects - Tim Wilson

Boris Calligraphy: Text Generators for Final Cut Pro 3    - Ken Stone

A Very Mixed Bag  Additional Effects Filters, Blur, Border, Sharpen and Video  - Ken Stone

Using the Distortion Filters in FCP   - Ken Stone

Using the Stylize Filters in FCP   - Ken Stone

Perspective Filters in FCP   - Ken Stone

Using Matte Filters in FCP    - Ken Stone

Using the Channel Filters in FCP   - Ken Stone

Image Control Filters in FCP   - Ken Stone

Using the Text Generators in FCP   - Ken Stone

Flying Type in Final Cut Pro   - Ken Stone

Setting Type in FCP  'Lower Third' Text Generator  - Phil Ashby



Animating Photos  - Dale Ellis

Animating a Cutout with an Inside Drop Shadow  - Dale Ellis

Preparing Photoshop files for FCP  - Ken Stone

Photoshop Titles  - Tom Wolsky

Sizing and Scanning Photographs in PS for import into FCP   - Ken Stone

TypeStyler and Final Cut Pro   - Ken Stone

Creating Your Own FCP Countdown   - Ian Sutherland

Photoshop Credit Rolls and Text Crawls for FCP  Ken Stone

Preparing Images in Photoshop for Import into Final Cut Pro  Ken Stone

Exporting Stills from Final Cut Pro to Photoshop  Ken Stone



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